Why Make So Much Fuss About Water?

Okay, so I’ve been inspired to write this because I’ve been on a serious water drinking kick lately.  Coffee has always been my preferred beverage, but I want to lose some weight and water is the greatest diet drink.  Being in an office all day, and being slightly sedentary will take its toll on your health if you couple that with poor eating and exercising habits.  One great thing you can do is drink water.  That’s right, high quality H2O.

Seventy percent of the human body is water by weight.  Even bone (an apparently dry substance) has over 30 percent water and acts as a storage space for 7.5% of your total body water.  The loss of only 10% of body water is critical and the loss of 20% usually leads to death.  there are three key benefits of drinking water for weight loss:

Water increases fat metabolism

Our kidneys make up the main filtering system in the body.  If we don’t drink enough water, toxic metabolites (waste products)  accumulate and may reach dangerous levels in the blood stream.  When this happens, the liver begins to detoxify wastes at the cost of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.  Chronic dehydration invariably leads to further obesity.  Drinking plenty of water is the key to enhancing fat metabolism.

Water eliminates fluid retention

The typical overweight or obese person with fluid retention is basically in the same state as a cactus in the desert; that is they store water.  Their needs for fluids are greater than the normal weight person’s to be able to handle the larger metabolic load required by excessive and abnormal fat deposits.  Drinking less water will worsen the condition.  To eliminate the signs and symptoms of fluid retention (stored water)  they must drink more water so the stored water can be released.

Water enhances skin turgor

Water is essential for maintaining proper muscle tone, as muscle tissue is 75% water.  To properly contract, muscles need water and cannot function without it.  As weight loss due to fat loss takes place, water is needed to support tissue turgor.  A major reason for wrinkles, sagging skin and muscles after weight loss is because weight reduction took place without the body being in adequate water balance.

Water balance is a prerequisite for satisfactory weight loss.  Start now to increase your intake of water, regardless of what it’s been in the past.  It will be the first and most important step in the solution to weight problems.


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